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Spiced Ginger & Orange invigorates and uplifts your senses.  We use organic orange peel powder for a boost of vitamin C along with Orange and ginger essential oils.  A spiced ginger and orange soap can provide a warm and invigorating sensory experience. The combination of spicy ginger and vibrant orange creates a unique blend of scents that can be both uplifting and comforting.  Our soap has a rich and aromatic fragrance, with notes of zesty orange and spicy ginger. This combination can create a harmonious balance between the refreshing citrus notes and the warm, earthy spiciness of ginger.   However, the ginger and orange scents can contribute to a revitalizing and energizing shower or bath. The soap provides a gentle lather that cleanses the skin while leaving a lingering fragrance that can awaken the senses and provide a sense of well-being.

Spiced Ginger & Orange

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