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Whoever claimed that an unscented, entirely natural, handcrafted soap couldn't exude luxury was mistaken. We incorporate a blend of triple butters to create a soap that boasts a velvety, gentle, and velveteen texture. This luxurious handcrafted soap is meticulously designed to cater even to the most sensitive skin, ensuring a lavish cleansing experience.

At Butter Cream Soapery, we take immense pride in delivering a soap that is completely devoid of colorants and fragrances. Our dedication lies in offering a pure and uncompromising approach to skincare, where the focus is on nurturing your skin with the utmost care and indulgence.

Rare & Bare

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Triple butter used to make a silky , soft, and smooth bar of soap.  Luxurious hand made soap made for the most sensitive skin.  Butter Cream Soapery takes pride in providing a soap that is free off colorants and fracrances.  

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